SkyFly Quality Assurance

Living up to our reputation as premier Networking Equipment Provider (NEP) in North America, we have designed an elaborate Quality Assurance Process (QAP). With unparalleled process controls and expert product knowledge guiding SkyFly Networks, our customers can rely on receiving authentic networking and telecommunication equipment that performs optimally. The following quality assurance stages ensure that our customers – individuals, ISPs, SMEs, and Large-scale Organizations - consistently receive only full quality assured equipment.

Inventory Procurement
We procure our equipment from UTT Global; a FCC and ISO 9001 certified Networking Equipment Manufacturer (NEM). Operational specialists open deliveries and verify contents to ensure exact match with purchase order Terms and Conditions (T&Cs).

Physical Inspection
Damaged or broken items are immediately rejected and returned. Perfect equipment are accepted and assigned serial numbers for tracking. Any equipment with even a minor cosmetic damage will be returned right away.
2nd Authentication
All equipment undergoes a second authentication process with rigorous inspection procedures that are unique to each product type.
• Serial numbers verified against manufacturer database.
• Labels, holograms, internal component manufacturers, workmanship, and other identifiable characteristics inspected.
• Suspected equipment is immediately quarantined to ensure inventory integrity. Rejected equipment immediately returned to manufacturer.

Inventory & Serialization
Equipment meeting form, fit, and functional authentication requirements is duly recorded into SkyFly Networks’ Inventory Management System (IMS).
• Equipment assigned a unique inventory location that corresponds to serial number affixed. Daily inventory cycle counts and updations ensure inventory accuracy & integrity
• Non-serialized items (cables, rack mounts, accessories) recorded in IMS, assigned a location for tracking purposes; and inventory levels are verified daily.

Order Fulfillment
Items ordered by customers are removed from inventory and delivered to testing lab based on sales order size. Technicians verify that all items needed for requested configuration are included and are compatible as well. Order is configured and re-tested to specifications.
• Equipment is assembled to customer specifications and peculiar needs.
• Assembled items (if any) are powered on, synchronized, and tested as a fully configured & compatible unit.
• If specified by customer, SkyFly Networks technicians pre-load software configurations allowing plug-and-play installation at customer site.
• Testing output is recorded for after-sales support.
• Any items failing testing are removed from inventory and returned to manufacturer.

Packaging & Delivery
Tested orders are delivered to the packaging department where contents are again verified for totality & accuracy.
• Equipment expertly packaged in custom containers, static-free packaging, insulated boxes, and/or custom crates as specified by type, weight, and size of the equipment.
• Shipping addresses, contact information, and delivery instructions are verified before packages shipped.
• Customer receives tracking information – both at SkyFly Networks and Courier/Shipment firm’s level.

After-sales Services
SkyFly technicians and management closely monitor any customer needs at unpacking, assembling, installation, and operational levels.
We provide full after-sales technical and business support.