Our Difference

Streamlined, Fast, and Smart
SkyFly Networks is behind the scenes driving the networked society and businesses to provide a great user experience for businesses, sites, schools, hospitals, government agencies, manufactures, banks, FMCGs, and more. We achieve this objective by providing a streamlined, fast, and smart network with the following benefits and characteristics:

Unified wired and wireless management tools for easy configuration, monitoring, operations management, admin support, and external application incorporation.
Tranquil and transparent end-user experiences.
Functional instructions executed through a single click.

Complete portfolio of high-performance switches are providing lightening connectivity from the organizational datacenter, through the core, and out to the access edge.
Complete portfolio of 802.1 and Wi-Fi products.
Network-powered analytics to deliver real-time comprehension for rapid decision-making.

Centrally delimit and control the network with our well-defined technical architecture while distributing the information out into the network infrastructure.
Visibility and cognizance of devices and outlets connected to the network.
Real-time Wi-Fi reporting, forensics, location, and moderation.
Rapid provisioning and instrumentation of the network environment for new requirements.