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Product Code: AC650W
  • 802.11ac/a/b/g/n, 750Mbps Wireless Speed
  • 3 x 5dBi fixed antennas, 100 Meters Wireless Coverage
  • 2.4GHz band and 5GHz band
  • Mainstream online game accelerating
  • WiFi Time switch
  • Cloud sharing
AC650W Intelligent Dual-band Wireless Router is a purpose-built solution designed to build 5GHz network for households.
AC650W adopts 580MHz MTK CPU and equips 3 fixed 5dBi omni-antennas. It supports 802.11ac WiFi standard and is compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n. Moreover, it works on 2.4GHz band and 5 GHz band, minimizing interference among wireless networks. It supports MIMO technology, which enables its wireless transmission rate up to 750Mbps.
With UTT self-developed operating system ReOS SE, AC650W can speed up online games by smart algorithm built in. It supports WDS to extend the coverage of wireless network. It supports WiFi time switch to switch on and off WiFi at the setting time.It supports smart QoS, which automatically allocates reasonable bandwidth for wireless stations, making sure users can download movies and play video games at the same time.


Stylish Casing

AC650W Intelligent Dual-band Wireless Router is white and sports car shaped. AC650W is more than a wireless router, but a decoration in your household.

802.11ac, Dual-band, 750Mbps

Support next generation WiFi standard 802.11ac, Simultaneous 2.4GHz 300Mbps and 5GHz 450Mbps for 750Mpbs of total wireless transmission rate. 5GHz band provides much more channels, minimizing signal interference to the greatest extent. As a result, family users enjoy better WiFi experience.

Three High Gain Antennas

With one 5dBi antennas serving 5GHz and two 5dBi antennas serving 2.4GHz, the wireless transmission rate can reach up tp 750Mbps. The two 5 dBi antennas serving 2.4GHz adopts 2T2R (MIMO) technology, significantly increasing data throughput and link reliability.

Online Game Accelerating

Support QoS that can accurately identify different applications and make sure key data is forwarded preferentially, so mainstream online games like WOW, LOL, DOTA2, DNF, CF, CS, World of Tanks, Hearthstone can be accelerated. The duty of A650W is to have Gaming Enthusiast enjoy online games with no latency.

Cloud Sharing

Support files sharing by one USB port. The members of family can share videos, music and pictures in USB flash disk with each other.

WiFi Time Switch, Green WiFi

Support WiFi time switch to switch on and off WiFi at the setting time. No radiation when WiFi is switched off. With innovative hardware technologies, AC650W provides better wireless coverage and signal strength at lower wireless transmitting power, protecting familys health.

Wireless Security

Offer multiple wireless securities: WEP, WPA-Enterprise, WPA2-Enterprise, WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK. Wireless MAC address filtering provides customers with comprehensive protection for wireless transmission to keep your network far away from intrusions and attacks.

Flexible Bandwidth

This very unique function named Flexible Bandwidth will largely optimize the bandwidth utilization. And it only needs 2 steps: enable this function and set the bandwidth for each Internet connection. Flexible Bandwidth will guarantee the webpage browse and essential network applications.
  1. Adjust the bandwidth for users and applications flexibly, improve the real-time network performance, and recognize different application accurately.
  2. Supports priority queues to ensure smooth transmission of applications which require large bandwidth.
  3. Improved network performance will solve network congestion and unreasonable bandwidth allocation.
  4. Reasonable network traffic distribution, optimized bandwidth utilization, stable, fast, safe and efficient network environment

Parental Control

Support parental control. Parents can set websites and applications children can access at specific time. It is helpful to prevent children from accessing unhealthy web pages or getting addicted to Internet.

Configuration and Management

Offer user-friendly Web interface which delivers an easy-to-use platform with rich functions. It supports easy management, which will guide users to finish the initial configuration one step by one step automatically. Even users without network knowledge can get connected to Internet easily.
Offer System Status, Wireless Host List and Flow Statistics, which deliver a convenient platform to trap and remove network fault.

Key Features

Support static IP, DHCP and PPPoE connection
Support DSL, FTTX+LAN and Cable Modem Internet access

MTK 580MHz
Reset, Power
Power light: PWR
System light: SYS
Wireless light: 5G/2.4GHz
Link/Act: WAN/LAN
USB light: USB
Dimensions (H x W x D):
0.65 kg
Working Environment
0~40 Degree Celsius
0 ~ 4000 m
Relative humidity:
10~90%, non-condensing
Power Input:
DC 12V, 1A
Protocols and Standards:
Physical Specifications:
Each port supports Auto-Negotiation, auto MDI/MDIX and provides status LEDs.
Routing Protocols:
Static routing
User Interface: