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ER4240G 4-WAN Gigabit Broadband Gateway/Router is a purpose-built gigabit solution designed for medium and large-sized Internet cafs, enterprises broadband communities and schools which require multiple connections. With the Freescale network processor and the leading operating system ReOS SE, ER4240G delivers higher performance and higher availability than most other routers.
In addition to the common features such as NAT, firewall, bandwidth management, IP/MAC binding and access control, ER4240G also provides abilities of high security, high express forwarding, diagnosis and flexible management, which is the ideal choice for high-load network.
ER4240G offers 4 gigabit LAN ports, which can directly access to the Internal Gigabit backbone network, meeting the demands of high transmission speed.
4-WAN port design offers multiple choices for ISP connections and real-time backup and load balancing. Besides, it also supports policy-based routing of different ISPs.


Gigabit Access
Offer 4 gigabit LAN ports; Connect to the gigabit backbone network with full-duplex gigabit wire speed. Meet the needs of Internet cafs and enterprises which require high-speed data transmission.
Support various VPN functions such as IPSec, PPTP, which can be used alone or combined; Support dynamic IP address VPN connections; Support Site-to-site VPN, remote access VPN (client-to-site); VPN tunnels are restricted to 50, up to 30 concurrent tunnels. IPSec provides features of auto key (IKE) and manual key, ESP/AH protocols, DES/3DES/AES encryption algorithm, MD5/SHA-1 hash algorithm, main mode and aggressive mode, Anti-Replay and NAT Traversal.
4 WAN Ports and NAT
4 WAN ports are provided, which support mixed connections of DSL, fiber optical and Cable Modem. Under the PPPoE mode, 3 dial modes are provided: Always On, On Demand and Manual. Support Link Quality Monitoring (LQM); Offer management of dialing time (start time and end time), to prevent network waste from negligence. Under the DHCP mode, MAC address modification and cloning are available.
4-WAN ports design provides 4 Internet connections; Support load balancing and real-time backup; Support network flow distribution based on bandwidth ratio to optimize the bandwidth utilization; Support policy-based routing of different ISPs.
Support NAPT/NAT, routing and hybrid mode, which meet the needs of complicated networks; Support port forwarding and DMZ host for external services like HTTP, telnet and FTP, etc; Support NAT re-routing, reverse NAT and NAT ALG: FTP, PPTP and IPSec ESP, etc.
Super abilities of defense against internal/external attacks: ARP spoofing attacks, port scanning, DoS/DDoS attacks, Worm.Blaster, Worm.Sasser, SQL slammer, etc. Ensure the stability and security of your router and network.
Support packet filtering based on source/destination IP address, protocols, ports, source/destination MAC address; Support application layer filtering based on URL and keywords; Support schedule-based ACL; Control the Internet access and protect the internal network from external attacks.
Bandwidth Control
Algorithm-based bandwidth control will optimize the bandwidth utilization. Restrict software such as BT, P2P effectively. Enable the normal hosts to exceed the max speed occasionally and reduce the speed of the hosts which usually use P2P software.
Support bandwidth control based on schedule; when the network is high loaded, bandwidth control will be enabled to ensure all the users can receive rational bandwidth; while the network is low loaded, bandwidth control will be disabled. Therefore, administrator will easily maintenance the network and make sure that all users can access to the Internet at high speed.
Restrict the max number of concurrent NAT sessions, TCP sessions, UDP sessions and ICMP sessions, which will effectively prevent download software like P2P from overloading and ensure the other hosts smooth connection by stopping the PCs which are wasting bandwidth because of computer virus.
User Authentication and Billing
UTT 5830G supports a very simple management mechanism for User Authentication. It offers 2 ways of authentication, PPPoE-Based and Web-Based. With this function, the Administrator doesnt have to modify any existing network or adding another authentication server.
The Administrator can easily set the avail 

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