Corporate Overview

Better Networks. Better Lives.
At SkyFly Networks, we understand that the network is your one of the most strategic business asset. Our assurance is to enable you to make the most of it. As one of North America’s premier providers of high-performance networking solutions, we offer our clients the highest quality networking products; the best customer care in the industry; and an ease of doing business that improves your organization’s ability to support business functions. In short, our mission is Better Connections. Better Experiences. We believe the best experiences materialize when people connect. Our objective is to enable better connections between network elements; between your organization’s network; and its end-users; and also, between you and your stakeholders’ network.

Creating the Best Products
To deliver the highest quality products, we constantly work with our FCC and ISO 9001 certified manufacturer to build some of the best and innovative networking equipment in the industry - to create distinguished value for your money through superior technology and products. Our Design & Development Principles are governed by a scalable, adaptive, innovative, and resilient networking architecture; which enables unified visibility, precision, speed, and control from the network edge to your organizational data center. It integrates the control of wired and wireless networks to improve efficiency of Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) infrastructure. Our comprehensive networking equipment portfolio meets the dissimilar needs of enterprises of all sizes and service providers; with the provision of intelligence, agility, simplicity, speed, and high-performance needed nowadays, and the scalability to meet future requirements as well. The new digital economy is defined by mobile technologies, social media, cloud computing, big data, and applications – creating an enormous scope and function for networking. SkyFly Networks is helping its customers to succeed by delivering the best products that address site switching/routing, organizational networking, high-performance computing, wireless (Wi-Fi), Software-defined Networking (SDN); and security & analytics.

Taking the Best Care of Our Customers
SkyFly Networks has well-qualified and well-experienced technical and businesses services teams; and has proven expertise with our own networking products and solutions. We are empowered with access to engineers & technicians and business consultants. SkyFly Networks is supported by the infrastructure needed for the efficient and professional handling of all inquiries, orders, and complaints.

Ease of Doing Business
Even though, we are a top provider of high-performance networking products in North America, we are agile enough to respond to unique customer needs to ensure ease of doing business with us. We are as collaborative as we are innovative and credible. To us there is nothing more important than our customers. We have state-of-the-art technical & business infrastructure and premier networking products to meet – or even surpass – the needs of our customers and provide them with the best experience possible.